December 08, 2006

The Kind You Find...

My latest publication, Raspberry Roulette - in this quarter's edition of the cool online magazine Ticonderoga - sees me gettin' a little surreal. It's not an area I tend to dabble in too much, but hell, variety is the spice, ain't it?

The first review is in, at HorrorScope... boy, do those dogs bite quickly?:

A peculiar little story about two boys and a strange competition, it seemed to lack a real point. Even the ending was a little ho-hum (not to mention somewhat unbelievable in terms of reality – but after all, this is fiction). Interesting, but again, seemed to be lacking something.

-- I guess you gotta take the rough with the smooth, huh?




Christopher Elston said...

Don't be too hard on yourself about it, mate.

Horrorscope are tough reviewers (I know) but it's only because they have high standards. This isn't a bad thing. I've read some reviews where stories cop an absolute caining!

Reading their comments myself, and having my own work reviewed, I thought you did quite well. They didn't shoot you down in flames or cain you, so I think it's a positive thing.

They're just giving that feedback because they know you can succeed.

Interesting story, too.

Amanda D. said...

Hey Brian - just checking out everyone's blogs. Yours looks great. How you liking Everville? Did you read The Great and Secret Show? That's my favorite of Barker's.

Steven J. Dines said...

Congrats on the publication, Brian.

As for the review, wait for Tangent's - I'm sure it will be more positive.


Brian G Ross said...

Amanda - never read that one; only Sacrament before this.

spec - I don't really mind the negativity. It's all good. I'm just glad someone else is readin' my stuff!

SJD - yeah, roll on the next review...