April 30, 2007

Been A Long Time Since We Rock N Rolled...

...Yes it has.

Suffice to say, a lot has been happening since my last post all of seven weeks ago, however the biggest problem (with posting) has been my inability to come to grips with Windows Vista.

Now, with those problems behind me, let's get onto bigger and (hopefully) better things.


Anonymous said...

He is back!!

Hope you post more Brian, from what I've read of it - it's a good blog.



Phaedra said...

Brians R Gross

Thanks for the link, but that page hasn't changed since I posted it.

Eh. Blog-schmog.

I like this one, though. Good to see I can keep up with you here.

Consider yourself in my favorites.

P.S. - hope the toilet brush is holding out.

Nic said...

Blimey - you are alive! Tee hee!

Brian G Ross said...

Thanks kids...

Life sometimes gets in the way of this thing we call writin' as well, but when you're down, the only direction is up, and as long as you can identify that much you're movin' in the right direction.


Stephanie Campisi said...

Yay! Welcome back. :)

Sophie Playle said...

Welcome back!