July 09, 2007

The Sweet Taste...

I came across this positive review of my story Raspberry Roulette which appeared in the virtual pages of Ticonderoga last year. It raises a smile as the style of that particular piece seems to lose a lot of readers.

"Brian G Ross’ “Raspberry Roulette” is beautifully written, and certainly seems to come from someone with a very good knowledge of teenagers and their relationships. Russian Roulette, where the loser must handle objects that may or may not be disgusting. The game itself is entertaining, but it’s the way the boys involved relate to one another that makes this story a real gem."

Check out ASIF for a wealth of reviews on everything both Australian and speculative - from comic books to live performance.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well done, Brian. Just goes to show, you've got to stick to your guns when it comes to style.