November 08, 2007

Worst Movie Ever...?

Miami Vice.

All right, so perhaps not the worst ever, but definitely the poorest I have seen this year.

The television show was all about fast cars, fast women, good music, good banter, bright colours, and smiles. The film had none of them. It was almost as if Michael Mann (who has no real excuse as he was involved with the series) had decided to make a film that was everything the show was not. He certainly succeeded in doing that, but failed to make a good movie in the process. Even Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell (both good actors) couldn't pull this turkey out of the flames.

And what was with the moustache that Farrell was sporting?

Two hours I'll never get back. Avoid.


Invinoveritas said...

Agree with this review. Waste of time, but not of money, for money is never wasted, only redistributed.

Hey, I read "My Wife Glows in the Dark." You're a fine writer, Brian. Anyway, happened on the story (and your blog) after doing a search for "phfft" which is my new spot on the web.

Anyway, I enjoyed the story, but more especially, your terrific way with words.

Best to you,
Ted Thompson

Stevie B said...

A little harsh I felt.... It's difficult to take the whole ethos of a long standing TV series and squeeze it into a single movie. You've got to try and please the fans of the original, but then there are the people who know nothing of the TV show that need to be introduced into that world... Maybe not the best effort, but then it's not really a thought provoking title... Best watched with the guys whilst consuming copious quantities of alcohol...

Brian G Ross said...

Yeah, Steve. Point taken, but a little more effort to build somethin' that at least resembles the TV show would have been nice. Otherwise, what the hell is the point of the licence?

Ted, thanks a lot for droppin' by. It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which people come across you on the net.


Anonymous said...

totally agree - I mean who wants to see Colin Farrell with that mullet and dodgy 'tache! SWAT was much easier on the eyes! ;o)