May 02, 2008

So Good They Named It Twice...

We popped off to New York last week to see what all the fuss is about. It's a place I have long wanted to visit.

I'm sure it really goes without saying, but what a vibrant and varied city. We stayed on Eighth Avenue, literally four minutes walk (yeah, I counted) from Broadway and Times Square, and I swear not eight seconds went by without someone honking their horn. Drivers don't always do it for any genuine reason either. It's crazy, but in a good way.

We whizzed up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building during the day, the 69th floor of the Rockefeller Center at night, had a walk through Central Park, did the Sex & The City tour (her idea), checked out Ground Zero, watched The Lion King on Broadway, had lunch on Wall Street, dinner in Times Square, went to the American Natural History Museum, took a helicopter flight, rode the subway, and hopped on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty (the security for which was tighter than actually getting into the United States!)

Manhattan is extremely simple to get around. Well, certainly Midtown is. Numbered avenues crossed by numbered streets - how easy is that? As long as you have a fair idea where you are going you don't even need a map, which always helps if you don't want to fall into the tourist trap. It's very intuitive.

Does the city ever sleep? Probably not. I certainly didn't see any evidence of it.

And I wasn't mugged once.

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Phaedra said...

"And I wasn't mugged once"


I forgot you were coming over...