June 29, 2010

Open For Business...

Check out new Australian small press, Dark Prints Press, for some early information on a new anthology called An Eclectic Slice of Life. It is being put together by Craig Bezant, who does a cracking job of putting together Eclecticism every quarter - an ezine I bagged a spot in, in the first four issues.

The collection contains two of my short stories - one new, one hand-picked by the editor - and about two hundred and seventy pages more of, well, eclecticism.

There's a YouTube promo there (a first for me) if that's your kind of thing, and a run down of the author list as well, including some fine up-and-comers.

It's not out until just this side of Christmas, so get the pre-orders in now to make sure you get a copy.


Steven J. Dines said...

A good looking anthology, no doubt, Brian - congratulations. But $42 is a little steep for the overseas customer, in my opinion.

Craig Bezant said...

Thanks for the plug, Brian - everyone is going to love your stories in the antho.
Hi Steven, unfortunately, being a limited print run, that was the cost we had to work with - but during August there is a special - free postage - so you could grab a copy for AUD$29.95, which is a little better.
Craig Bezant
Dark Prints Press

Brian G Ross said...

Looks awesome!

Well done, Craig.