October 22, 2010

Can You Hear It...?

You can now listen to my short horror story, Blind Man's Bluff, over at Cast Macabre, brought to life by Rish Outfield and Bigg Anklevich.

There is something quite heartening about hearing your words read back to you, and in a way, you come at it from a different angle. I haven't read that story for years either - I had forgotten how much I liked it - so that probably helped as well.

Although this is the first time one of my pieces has gone audio, it is a medium that is becoming quite popular these days, and - based on the fifteen minute recording here - one I will be trying to get involved with more often.

If you have the quarter hour to spare, I'd appreciate the feedback.


Sheila Deeth said...

If I could listen to it in the car, but I'm not technologically savvy enough to work out how...

Brian G Ross said...

Awww, you found a way to listen yet, Sheila?