December 19, 2010

Confused Catholic...

I had a bipolar Saturday.

I went to the annual pantomime in the afternoon, which this year was Sleeping Beauty. Very good as usual - a sprinkling of "he's behind you", and a smattering of "oh no you won't", throughout. Good, old-fashioned kid-friendly fun... which was followed by a Christmas themed fancy dress party at night, where I turned up as Drag Jesus - a personal creation that was met with equal amounts of derision and cries of blasphemy from an otherwise non-Christian cross-section of my friends.

Santa - of course - was there, along with a reindeer, an angel, a cheeky elf, my pregnant mother, and Mrs. Claus (every party should have one, right guys?), among others, and it was a great night of drinks, dancing, and dodgy photos.

Walking home alone at four in the morning with full make-up on was unusually liberating. It was very peaceful. No cars. No pedestrians. Nothing.

Just me, the snow, and my mascara.


Tuonela said...

Just another ordinary night, then? (Is Drag Jesus a cross-dresser?)

Brian G Ross said...

Dress up night is usually Thursday, Ian.


Rich said...

What does Drag Jesus do with the beard?

In fact 'Drag Jesus' sounds like a cool playground game for weird atheists...

Happy New Year


Brian G Ross said...

Drag Jesus still has the beard, Rich... check me out on Facebook for the full effect.


Happy New Year to you as well.