November 15, 2006


My latest publication - Drip - in Issue 11 of Shadowed Realms has received a pretty favourable review -

...Brian G Ross uses ghastly imagery to great effect in “Drip.” His lead sentence grabbed my attention, and his simple descriptions left vibrant images in my head. With very few words, Ross manages to tell a story that is both chilling and compelling...

- at the respectable Tangent Online. Thanks to M. David Shafer for the kind words. Of course, positive reviews are all well and good, but one must keep up the productivity in order for this to continue. At the very least this has encouraged me to increase my (rather) lacklustre output of late.


Emmy Ellis said...

Ghastly imagery.



Steven J. Dines said...

Saw this the day it was posted - yep, what she said.

Well done.

My reviews have been less, er, favourable, but in my defence they were about my lesser works!

Brian G Ross said...

Reviews are all good... be they negative or positive. Learn from them, but more importantly, learn which ones to disregard!