November 18, 2006

What I've Been Doin'...

I often write when I'm at work - I work in a call centre for BT, so in-between calls, etc - so over the last few days I have been transferring the crude stuff from the 8-hour-drag to my PC at home. Most recently I have been working on Hard Boiled, my homage to the noir genre, in the tradition of Lew Archer or Sam Spade.

While covering all the bases (femme fatale, zippy dialogue, an anti-hero for a P.I, etc) I also want to take it in a different direction so it is not simply a join-the-dots kind of thing... hence why I have added a sprinkle of the supernatural, made it decidedly tongue-in-cheek, and self-referential.

At the moment it is sitting at just over 2000 words, and I am enjoying the interaction between both of my central leads. Mixing styles can bomb big-time and I'm aware of the dangers, but if it all comes together, and everything slots into place, this could be one of my best short stories.

I'll be sure to keep you posted.


Steven J. Dines said...

I agree, this sounds like it has the potential to be one of your best (not to mention, most successful) short stories so far. You're writing to your strengths. Definitely looking forward to reading this.

Emmy Ellis said...

I reviewed a novel that was a piss-take of Mickey Spillaine or however the hell you spell it. I thought it would make me groan but it was actually cool.

Good luck with yours!