November 28, 2006

What I'm Doin' Now...

As well as my noir tale, Hard Boiled, I am also working on an urban horror tale called Terror In Seat 15B. I know, the title is very 50s B-movie-ish, but I promise the story is better than that -- not that there's anything wrong with that...

The idea was born last year when I discovered - on a flight to Paris - that I am a more nervous flyer than I had previously thought. I put it down to the natural imagination of a wannabe author, but my wife just calls me a wimp. Anyway, if I get a good story out of it I will consider it a success.

It centres around a married couple on a plane, and how the husband deals with the increasingly bad time he is having in the air. Again, I have focused a lot on the dialogue (and yes, I know, the narrative is where my concentration should be) and again, I am finding it a joy to write. 2000 words in (with probably another thousand waiting to be written) I should be finished this one by Christmas.

I'll keep you posted on its progress.


Christopher Elston said...

Mate, I don't think you have to focus exclusively on narrative with your story. If you believe your story will have a greater impact with plenty of dialogue, then go for it.

People don't realise that dialogue moves the story along at a lightning quick pace and it's a great way to create tension. For example, your passenger could use short dialogue to really build suspense and promote empathy for him by the reader. You go!

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Oh! Sounds very, very intriguing!!!

Emmy Ellis said...

A tip I learned from an agent. Don't start a story with your protags on a plane!



Brian G Ross said...

spec - I agree, but I can (at times) rely too heavily on dialogue because it comes very easily. Then again, if the dialogue is where the story wants to be... who am I to resist?

Ellis - I kind of have to start the story off in a plane, as they bloody end up in one. Sorry, but I don't have any control over that!

Faith, whaddya think?


Steven J. Dines said...

Don't start a story on a plane?

Never heard that one before. A dream, yeah okay fine. Or the MC waking up from one, yeah dull. But opening on a plane, especially when the story is (I'm guessing) set entirely on that plane, I don't think it would bother an editor too much.

Good luck with this story, Brian.