November 21, 2006

In The Pink...

Last night I saw Pink in concert. She was great - sexy, sassy, and has her finger on the political trigger... but I've never felt so old and washed up in all my days. I was surrounded by a thousand teenage girls screaming at decibel levels only dogs could hear, directly into my eardrum. It's all cool though. Eighteen hours later and it is now merely a dull rumble. If nothing else, it blocks out my wife moaning about me not doing the dishes - again.

When did music become the domain of people half my age? How long have I been past it? I mean, I'm hip enough to appreciate a talent like Pink's, but also retro enough to know the family tree she swings from. Music is as much about what has gone before as what is happening now, but do these young groupies know anything about that?

They like her style, her fashion, and the fact that she sprinkles the F word into a few of her songs, but I'll wager my left nut they know very little about music pre-2004. To them, music begins and ends with a four-piece boyband and furry knee-high boots (preferably not on the one act), and if I hear one more dance track which has stolen it's bass line from the 80's I'm going to kick some serious ass.

Am I serious? Do I make a valid point? Or is this just a rant from a bitter and twisted thirty-something?


Emmy Ellis said...


Peg and me had this discussion the other day while travelling in the car listening to Radio One.

Songs we would never have liked before came on and we said shit like, 'Oh, I like this!' then wondered aloud if we're getting old or that our tastes are just changing. Who knows? Who cares? You like what you like!

I also like Pink, she's a sexy bitch.

I noticed my clothes sense is changing too. Getting more err, sophisticated in my old age, but I would wear fluffy boots still. We're in that in-between age, man.


Sophie Playle said...

I'm not that keen on Pink. But that's besides the point.

Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus', Gary Numan's 'Are Friends Electric?', Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love'... I hate when people steal the base and all the teeny-boppers think it's something original.

Music of this generation is all about Emotional Rock. They're all 'emos'. I can't stand it. They're more obsessed with image than anything else, pretending they're not. The Alternative has become the mainstream because people are too insecure to decide what music they like, yet are still pretencious enough to label themselves 'rebels'.

... Sorry. End of rant.

Daniel I. Russell said...

I agree.

As a rock fan, I am dreading the fact that I will eventually become a fat guy with a mullet and leather pants. A Meatloaf from Wigan, if you will.

Maybe when I get to a certain age, I might just concentrate on my SKA music. Age seems to have no effect on musicians and fans alike.

The worst point of age and music is Top of the Pops 2. For years, my bro and me have RIPPED into our parents over that show. Especially over 70s Glam. Hahahaha!

I can see 10, maybe 20 years down the line, when I am watching The Vandals, NOFX, Madness and Metallica on my holographic, beam into your head, projection box. My kids will be ripping me too.

But, Bri. A Pink concert? What the hell did you expect?

My theory about the woman is that she will be bald in 5 years time. You can't dye your hair 6 times for a 3 min video and be fine. Trust me, it happened to a friend of mine (the dying, not the video). She'l have to go down the Sinead O'Connor route. Be bald, sing songs by Prince and become a vicar.

Emmy Ellis said...

I will eventually become a fat guy with a mullet and leather pants.



Brian G Ross said...


What's wrong with a mullet and leather pants?!