December 31, 2006

2006 Round-Up...

2006 looks a little like this:

Submissions - 160
Rejections - 117
Acceptances - 28

2005 has these statistics:

Submissions - 230
Rejections - 121
Acceptances - 26

So, over the last two years we have:

Submissions - 390
Rejections - 238
Acceptances - 54

I don't mind the drop off from 2005, as far as submissions go, because I made a conscious decision this year to start trying to hit the better places (you can't feed from the bottom of the barrel forever, can you?)... and I have succeeded in doing so.

I made one professional sale in 2005; four in 2006. I know, if I keep the attitude I have at the moment, I will increase that figure in 2007. Most of all however, I have a base to build on, a launchpad. After the silly season I'm going to get my hammer and nails out and build myself a bigger one.

And now, I think I'll go have a drink... or three!

Happy New Year folks - y'all come back, you hear?


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

I started out with small circ non-paying publications and moved right on up the ladder to high paying pro magazines print and online. Once you build a publication resume, editors pay more attention to your submissions, and if you submit to the same ones often, they'll start recognizing your name.

Shaun said...
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Shaun said...

Congratulations on all those sales! You seem to be heading in the right direction: up. I only wish my own output was as prolific, but as I concentrate on novels now, it's slowed to one or two short stories a year and a novel.

Anyway, I hope 2007 sees your sales go through the stratosphere.

Brian G Ross said...

Thanks guys.

Faith, I agree. At the moment I'm halfway between those two streets. Hopefully this year I can make my way towards where you are. Save a seat for me!

Shaun, The Novel is one of the things I will be concentratin' on this year, so the sales may drop off due to that as well. Hope the agent huntin' is goin' well for ya.


Monique said...

Those are some pretty impressive statistics. Keep it up, you'll find by December of this year, your hard work and determination will have paid off. They always do. ;)

Stephanie Campisi said...

So many submissions. . .My eyes are goggling here!

Brian G Ross said...

I used to be addicted to submitting - especially late 2005, early 2006 - but not so much these days.

All it does is bring to your attention the many, many rejections you get!

Emmy Ellis said...

Good for you! I wish you luck in 2007.


Anonymous said...

Like you, Brian, I'm expecting a drop-off in the number of subs I send out in 2007. I too am working on my first novel (like everyone else on the planet, I guess), and with 30 stories currently in consideration and about a dozen acceptances under my belt, I thought it was time to try my hand at a longer piece.

Here's hoping we both make it out alive!

Best to you in the New Year,

Stewart Sternberg said...

Thank you. I just read this post and means that I have to up my submissions.'s my resolution, with Satan as my witness...I am making at least two hundred submissions this year.