January 01, 2007


On December 30th I received an email from a name I didn't recognise. You're always wary of them, because who knows what viruses are lurking, but the subject line read: The Blueblade Warriors, and that, was familiar.

Dear Brian,
I stumbled across and enjoyed your story The Blueblade Warriors at Fools Motley and was wondering how come you named your Second Knight "Basquille"... just curious

Andrew Basquille

The Blueblade Warriors is a rather quickly written comic fantasy piece which became one of my early publications in 2005 at the now defunct Fools Motley. Very briefly, Basquille, the Second Knight of the Realm, has a lifelong dream to be in a bluegrass band. How obscure is that? I wonder why he doesn't pull my other leg: it has bells.

PS Coincidentally I occasionally sing and/or play guitar with a bluegrass band...

Oh my God! I'm looking over my shoulder to see if Rod Serling is there, you know? After I picked myself up off the floor I checked out his web address.

Well I'll be damned.

...Looks like my Second Knight fulfilled his dream after all.

Thanks Andrew.


Monique said...

That is so weird, and yet, oddly fascinating. Ha, ha. Small world.

Satima Flavell said...

What a hoot! I'd like to read that story, Brian. Is it on line anywhere?

Brian G Ross said...

Yes, Satima - the hyperlink to Fools Motley is in the post.

Thanks for droppin' by, folks!


Emmy Ellis said...

How bizarre!


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

LOL, that is so cool!

Sophie Playle said...

Haha! I love when weird stuff like that happens!