January 04, 2007

We're All Going On A...

...Summer Holiday... well, not all of us - the wife and I.

The thing is: where to?

We have narrowed it down to these three destinations, and we're thinking of May - a good birthday present for me (7th), except I'll be the one forking out for it!

*Orlando (theme parks, etc, etc...)
*Caribbean (cruise - St. Lucia, Grenada, lots of rum...)
*Australia (the whole thing, the big tour, coast to coast...)

I'm easy, really. Any one of those places would suit me fine. She's been to two of them; I've been to the other. I guess we should do all three. What do you think the total cost would be for a trifecta?


Sophie Playle said...

Awesome. I think it should be put to the readers to vote and determine your life. I vote Australia :) ... Or the other two. Sounds good.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I have to say, I vote Australia too. Though New Orleans is fabulous. (Being a yank, I'm biased).
Sounds awesome.
I guess the question would be, which destination will give you your best material?

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Australia some day. *sigh*

The hubby and I are going to Costa Rica in late May/early June. I'm hoping to get a book out of it. LOL!

Brian G Ross said...

Oh well, looks like Australia has the vote so far...


Anonymous said...

Just watch out for the wildlife. I've heard Australia has more animals and insects that can kill you than any other continent.

It's on my list of places to go, but I think I'd be a bit afraid of leaving my hotel room.


Stephanie Campisi said...

Australia's gorgeous, though it's bloody hot here in summer.

I've managed to survive 21 years here without dying from a spider or snake attack, so I think you'll be pretty safe. :)

Hale McKay said...

Hello, Brian. Thanks for the visit and comment. 42 kissed, eh?

I would choose Australia myself from the three choices. That's me, though, since I've done the other two.

Interesting site - I am impressed by the range of genres that in which you dabble/write.

I will add you to my Blogroll so that I can back from time to time.
(Maybe you can inspire me to do some more writing.)

Brian G Ross said...

Ian, I'd hate to spend all that money to get there and then not leave the hotel!

Stephanie, I was born in Sydney and have lived there for several years. I know how hot it can get! Don't know if the wife could stand the heat though (perhaps that's why she doesn't stay in the kitchen too long...)

Hi Hale. I do try to expand my writin' horizons whenever I can, and if I can be anybody's inspiration in the process, that's a bonus.

Thanks for droppin' by folks.


Stephanie Campisi said...

Oops. Now I feel like a patronising git. Apologies.

Maybe a tour of Tasmania in winter would be better for your wife? :D

Rosa said...

Oz! You have to go to Australia if it's in the running. (And not just so we can tag along . . . ) Thanks for visiting, nice of you to stop by. Now it's time for me to catch up on you. Cheers!

Cav said...

Maybe Australia, at a time that happens to coincide with a writers con. Then we could meet you!

Nyawlins sounds cool though.

Brian G Ross said...

Steve, I'm not really sure the wife would go for launchin' our holiday around the schedule of a writer's conference!

Rosa, thanks for jumpin' on the wagon.

Steph... Tasmania? Nah. I may as well stay where I am.


Shaun said...

I would plump for Australia too, but only as Japan isn't up there. Have a good trip wherever you decide to go.