December 20, 2007

Buy Cheap, Buy Dear...

It's true.

I bought a computer in February. A few months later I had to renew the monitor as it died on me, and now the whole bloody thing has packed in! The good money is on the graphics card taking a vacation, but even though I can pick another one of them up for a couple of quid, surely it should last me a damn sight longer than nine months!

It was a cheap machine, but Vista is a bloody expensive operating system. The manufacturers in their ultimate wisdom decided to install it, knowing all too well that it did not have enough memory on board to really run it properly. Genius! So now I need to spend another couple of quid on more memory.

All this wouldn't be so bad except all my stories exist on the hard drive of the 'new' machine. Sure, I can pull them off by putting the drive into another machine, but bloody hell, what a joke! I haven't been able to use it for about a month now, and I'll be buggered if I'm going to get a replacement. Why would I want the same bloody machine again?

It may not be Bill Gates' fault directly, but if I ever see him, even sixty billion dollars ain't going to save him from the ass-whooping I'll be handing out.

But you know what? I have half a mind to ditch the PC for good and go back to my typewriter. At least I knew what I was getting with that, and the ribbons are a damn sight cheaper as well.

Bah humbug!


Chart Smart said...

NICE Blog :)

MERRY Christmas :)

Stephanie said...

So true. I recently bought a new laptop *pats tiny laptop*, but had to hunt around for ages for a version that came with XP rather than Vista, as I knew from reviews that it would run sluggishly with Vista. Why the hell do they do it, seriously? What's the point of a massive OS that a computer can't hack?

Anonymous said...

Have a good New Year Brian. Sorry for being lax in not getting to your blog for a while - busy as a beeeeeeeee.


Brian G Ross said...

I wish I had hunted about for XP as well. At least you know what you're gettin' with that. Live and learn though, eh?

Phaedra said...

Well I guess that explains the lack on communication of late, eh? Fine. I'll letcha off the hook. (Especially since I have no room to talk. But still!)