December 04, 2007

Waiting For My First Ab...

All right, so the pectorals are bigger, and the biceps are definitely bigger, but oddly enough (as far as I'm concerned) the waistline seems to be bigger as well. I feel fitter, and there's no doubt I'm stronger, but my stomach only feels slightly firmer. What's up with that?

My main reason for joining the gym was to reduce the stomach. Admittedly, I'm no looser around the waist than I was two months ago, but it doesn't really seem to have toughened up all that much either. Perhaps I'm asking for too much too soon - and yes, my diet is only marginally better now than it was then - but as incentives go, it would be a good one.

Okay, so I probably spend too much time on the bench press and with the barbells, but you see the result of that a lot sooner than you will by doing a thousand sit-ups (ouch!). In the long run though (and not before long at this rate), I'm going to have to buy my entire wardrobe again. These smoking guns are going to cost me a fortune!

I can certainly see the overall difference when I look in the mirror, but it is mostly upper body and thighs. I'm now starting to throw a lot more sit-ups and crunches into the regime to try and stem the tide. Maybe I'll even stop the weights altogether until I get the addomen sorted.

If nothing else, it's another thing that stops me writing!

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Anonymous said...

well, some might say a complete new wardrobe maybe isn't such a bad thing given your previous fashion disasters!