June 23, 2008

BJ On A Saturday Night...

It's been a long time coming because I have wanted to see them for years, so I went to see the mighty Bon Jovi on the weekend at Hampden Stadium. They came on just before 8.30pm and didn't disappear until a few minutes shy of 11pm. In today's money, that's pretty good value for a concert... even if it was cold and raining.

They started with Status Quo's Rockin' All Over The World, which was unexpected but got the crowd going nonetheless. Hit after hit followed, but as expected it was a rousing rendition of Livin' On A Prayer towards the end of the night that was the inevitable highlight, although I was also impressed with the ten minute epic Dry County, one of my favourites from the Keep The Faith album.

JBJ was in great voice throughout... and according to the wife, there wasn't too much wrong with his body either. It was just as well I grabbed her hand at the end of the night or she would have waded through the 40,000 people to find the backstage area.

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