November 14, 2008

Something Murky This Way Comes...

My speculative short story, Between Hanson & Hendrix, has found its debut publication in the sixth issue of quarterly UK magazine, Murky Depths. It is complimented by an original piece of dark art by the talented Candra Hope, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's great to see someone else's interpretation of your work sitting nicely with your own.

Nestled within the eighty-plus pages you will find an interview with the cover artist, and some high-quality graphic stories along with a great selection of rather special ones done the old fashioned way!

Editor-in-Chief, Terry Martin, has done a fantastic job putting out this glossy periodical - the production values of which are of such a high standard, it puts many magazines with a lot more behind them to shame. Everyone involved obviously has a lot of love for their printed baby, and I for one wish them all the very best of luck for its continued success.

So go and grab yourself a copy now, and support the craft. You won't be disappointed.


Rich said...

Yeah, sorry about the token market comment. I was only going by Duotrope. I really like the look of the magazine; professional quality. I might pick up a copy as it's definitely one I'd like to sub to in the future.

When I get good of course! lol


Brian G Ross said...

No worries, Rich... I knew what you meant! :o)