February 07, 2009

Mixed Bag o' Reviews...

A few reviews for Issue 6 of Murky Depths have rolled in, and my contribution, Between Hanson & Hendrix.

At SF Crowsnest, Gareth D. Jones calls my piece, "...an odd little story..."; this one at SFRevu has reviewer Sam Tomaino saying, "...a nicely done little story and my favorite of the issue."; and this pretty comprehensive review by Michele Lee for The Fix says, "...the plot is obvious, but the writing is solid..."

Good or bad, we like 'em all!


Rich said...

Hey, a mix bag of reviews is better than none at all! And one of 'em said it was his favourite.


Steven J. Dines said...

All three reviews lean toward the positive side, so...congrats!

Brian G Ross said...

Yeah, I do like the reviews. Some poor bugger is readin' my stuff, at least. Long may they continue!