February 18, 2009

Does Your Mother Know...?

I was doing the GoogleTwist, searching for a few possible markets for my stuff, when I came across this:

"...I like the provocative descriptions of teasing, tempting and touching, but several stories have strange unsexy punchlines, like a twelve year old boy accidentally jerking off to a photo of his mom in a porno magazine..."

Yeah, that one was me. It's an excerpt from a Broken Pencil review a while back of Canadian-printed, Black Heart Magazine (Issue 3). I had a flash in there called The Vagina Catalogue, but don't feel the need to scope it out... I've just spoiled the ending for you.

PS -- the GoogleTwist is not a real manoeuvre.


Steven J. Dines said...

Once read, never forgotten :)

Tuonela said...

Yeah, I remember that. The story... not the event... ;-)

Brian G Ross said...

Not a piece I will be showin' my own mother anytime soon, I can assure you...


Rich said...

Never read it, but it sounds great. I'm not convinced you were looking for markets, Mr-Brian-G-I-Google-Myself-Everyday-Ross!!