March 01, 2009


It's been a dark and dusty couple of months.

January and February have bitten it, and I still don't have any acceptances for 2009. Truth be told, I didn't have many submissions pending towards the end of last year, so over the last few weeks I have done something about that.

I have tried to be a little more selective as well with where I send stories. I won't feel any genuine progression if I just continue to flog - no offence - the same old markets, so I've upped the ante.

I'm sitting on about fifty submissions at the moments, and now that I have jinxed myself by blogging... probably fifty rejections.

I couldn't keep my mouth closed, eh?


Steven J. Dines said...

I think your drought will soon be over, Brian. Having upped your efforts, surely it's a matter of time before the hits start coming... Good luck (like you need it).


Rich said...

Wow. 50 submissions!!! Is that 50 seperate stories?? Or a lot of multiples.

Either way 50 submissions is impressive, I'm lucky if I manage 5 a month.


Dalim said...

Dunno if you have seen this site but try it anyway
the first story is up - I blogged about it - and I like the concept and the story...

50!!! Fuck that is huge man!!!

Brian G Ross said...

Rich - no it is certainly not fifty stories. It's actually less than half that - a lot of multiples and a lot of flashes too. Still, you wanna keep your options open.

Ben - yeah I noticed that place. It's still a little... virginal, but I will keep my eye on it and see how it looks in a few months time. A lot of these places close their doors very quickly!

Steven - cheers, the well wishes are always appreciated. Hopefully we will both be bangin' on some bigger doors this year...