March 27, 2010

Only Without The Pedal, Pedal Bit...

This week I went to see the thinking man's comedian, Dave Gorman, who provided an evening of entertainment in his very assured, conversational way with his Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up Tour. It's a bit of a mouthful, but then again, so is he.

At times he barely stops for breath as he waxes on about his time at university, sociable numbers and friendly numbers, but it never feels like a math lesson because everything is imbued with a sense of fun, and - minor diversions aside - his anecdotes never lose their direction.

He is a storyteller, rather than a joke-smith, and although only a handful of his laughs come from a classic punchline - or indeed, through the use of expletives (although there are certainly a few of those) - he is very funny nonetheless. He just stands there and tells you about Sugar Puffs, or his drunken trip to Vegas, or his thoughts on Ringo Starr, or indeed the time he 'lost' his keys in a post box... and for two hours and twenty minutes, he pulls you right along with him.

Great value. But if you do go to see him, just remember to switch your mobile phone off...

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